This folder mainly consists of photographic images of everyday encounters, showing that the everyday is actually quite extra-ordinary, mysterious and weird. The images, drawings and films mainly have a digital existence, being made by iphone with sometimes a low resolution and thus small formats.

Brouillard, 2021

Peinture abstrait trouvé – Paris, 2020


Summerlab, 2018

 Butterflies, 2017

 Rezé, 2017

Sea Sea, 2015

Stone Stone, 2015

Untitled_Do It_Pillowbook_web Untitled (Do It-Pillowbook), 2015

Hoe Hoe, 2015

Bul web Bul, 2014

Night sky web Night sky 2 web Night Sky 2014

Blue web Blue, 2014

Pannier Market2 Abstract no 3, 2014

Royan Royan, 2014

Abstract no2 Abstract no 2, 2014

cropped-herne-bay.jpg I am not dead, 2013

Abstract no1 Abstract no 1, 2013

Cat Cat – digital drawing, 2012

weird fishes Weird fishes, 2010

Homard_1 Homard_2 Homard_3 Homard, 2010

Fall victim Fall victim, 2010

Nathaliethumbsup  Nathalie, 2010

Shutters Shutters2 Shutters3 Shutters, 2009

found sculpture Found sculpture, 2006

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